Logic Electro Broadcaster EBC TFS

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    Electro Broadcaster

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    In Stock

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    £960.00 + VAT

Standard Features

Spreads grass seed, herbicide granules, fertiliser, slug pellets, etc.
Slug pellet spread range between 12 - 24 m with TFL/TFS80 motor
Slug pellet spread range 24m+ with TFS120 motor
Small seed spread range (eg. grass) up to 6m with either motor
Hopper capacity of 85 or 130 litre
Adjustable spread pattern
Requires AE500 wiring harness for ATV use £47 plus vat


AE500 Wiring Harness
Game feeder version (EBC-BD12) see Gamekeeping section
Powered on/off control - synchro control - ability to adjust spreading widths
Mounting kits available

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